Our Story


The roots for our dream in starting First Love Jewellery were planted in 2014. While on a volunteer trip to a remote island in Indonesia, a woman watched us install a water system for her village. She stood beneath coconut trees and although we hadn’t spoken to her, she seemed to be looking upon us with contemplation. We returned to the village for a lunch of rice and plantains dipped in chilli, but I was quickly interrupted by the same woman who had been watching us work. She took me to meet her mother, an older lady, who welcomed me with gentleness and a toothless grin. Although our communication was limited due to the language barrier, we could still speak through the language of kindness.

One word that I could say in Indonesian was “cantik”, which is translated into “beautiful”. I pointed to her necklace, a red-beaded necklace which was made by herself and told her that it was cantik. Without hesitation, she took the necklace off and placed it around my neck. It brought tears to my eyes. This woman, who I considered to be the one in need of charity, instead wanted to bless me.

As that woman gave me the only piece of jewellery she owned, she gave me so much more than that. She taught me what beauty really is.

Beauty is warmth.

Beauty is a smile.

Beauty is generosity.

Beauty is bravery.

Beauty is strength.

Beauty is love.

Beauty is in loving those around you first.

First Love.

We desire to create jewellery that will bless you as that red beaded necklace has blessed us.  Our hope is that you feel beautiful in our jewellery, and that it is a reminder to first dress yourself in love.